Blondie with two gunmen.

A Dollar to Die For is a book by Brian Fox and the second in a series of five books surrounding the man with no name and his adventures.

On his way to turning in the infamous albino outlaw Pinky Roebuck to the Sherriff's office, the Man with No Name rescues a wealthy man from death. He is the Count de Cabronet, and he had been trying to get away with the money that would have bailed Emperor Maximilian out of jail. However, he had been ambushed by Tuco Ramirez and his little band of bandits, who had joined the Mexican army.

Though he had buried his gold safely, Apaches sack the little town of Tyopa and abduct Tuco, so the Man with No Name changes his mission: bring both Roebuck and Ramirez in as live bounties, sending the former to rescue the latter. However, Pinky is interested in claiming the gold for himself, so he takes Tuco as his hostage. However, Tuco eventually turns the tables, ties Pinky up and escapes.

De Cabronet frees Roebuck after drugging the nameless hero, and tries to kill Tuco, but Captain Alvarez gets to him first and safely escorts him to his fort. Once again, Tuco and Blondie work together to kill the Mexican soldiers and get the gold to share between them. However, Tuco is caught trying to get away with all of it and he and Roebuck are eventually brought into the sheriff's office. As he leaves, Blondie pulls the bars of Tuco's cell loose and allows him to escape, because a world without him would be far less interesting.